Myth Busting with OWOX BI: How to Become the #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

In July 2018 OWOX entered Product Hunt with the ultimate tool for marketers and analysts — OWOX BI Pipeline. The features introduced to Product Hunt users were building up end-to-end analytics, merging cost data from disparate systems, importing cost data to Google Analytics and calculating ROI, ROAS, and CPA with minimum effort. Oh, and another one: exporting raw unsampled data to Google BigQuery in near-real time.

Margo Berger, PR-manager at OWOX BI, is revealing all the myths busted when going public on Product Hunt, with some advice on how to better launch your project.

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Product Hunt is the ultimate place to introduce your startup to people

Well, yes but… There’s the dark side of the moon. Over 100 products go live on Product Hunt, to get users’ attention and appreciation. So you really have to prepare yourself:

  • Present your product clearly, openly (though, other startups will do the same).
  • Ask your partners, influencers, and even customers (like, all of them!) to support you on Product Hunt.

Otherwise, you’ll have fewer chances to get to the top of the day.

Get a top hunter for your product

Yep, though, not always. Some time ago all hunters’ followers used to get notifications of the products they launched. Now followers don’t, so they simply vote for the products they really like. Therefore, it’s a better idea just to get your hunter engaged in promoting your product, telling his or her followers how cool your product is so that he or she wanted to share this on Twitter or Facebook, and even recommend to friends and journalists. This would surely help you with getting to the top.

Try not to launch on the same day with big players

Surely a myth. There are tons of factors that can influence your rating, and time is one of them. It’s actually midnight at San Francisco for the launch, so you can use this. Ask your partners or your subsidiary to start right at this time and get as many voices as you can before the morning comes to America. Though, there are sometimes startups who launch in the evening, driving powerfully to the top with good content. You can’t predict such a blast, so it’s better to simply follow your plan and do your best.

Oh, and the big players, yes. OWOX BI got to beat Google’s Email Studio that became number three in the product rating of the day. So, again, stick to the plan and do the best you can.

The more votes, the higher the chances to get to number one

Not really. The ranging algorithm on Product Hunt is a lot more complicated. So loads of votes won’t be the only thing to lead you to the first place. You should also keep in mind the following:

  • Remember about the account quality. A newbie won’t make a big difference to your rating, though a contributor will. Moreover, lots of new accounts helping you up will look suspicious.
  • Don’t ask users to vote up your product. The rules say that you can even make your product go down the rating board this way. This doesn’t mean you should give up on promoting, just be careful and ask your partners to vote for you gradually.
  • Keep users involved in the discussion, as comments can help your product reach the top. Talk to your followers and answer their questions. We’ve actually seen this work when a product with fewer votes but more comments became the number two product of the day.

CEO is the only to be the maker

Not exactly. Makers can salute the users with the post and get into the comments. Product Hunt recommends having multiple maker accounts: CEO will write the welcome post, while the other accounts can be the kind of tech and customer support, replying to the wittiest comments.

Let users know of every feature of your product

Not the best idea. The audience at Product Hunt is demanding and the usual stuff like “Our product is all you need and will solve all your problems” won’t work. Focus on the killer features and the main issues your product can help with. Especially, if you have a complex project. You won’t believe, but companies sometimes present only one feature, like this one here. No need to point out the technical things, explain your advantages in plain English, showing the real profit from your product.

Twitter is the main communication channel

True, and get ready for that. If you, somehow, don’t have an active account there, create one and try to pump it up, getting in touch with the influencers of your niche. This way you’ll obtain some support spreading the info about your product launch.

Not myths but advice

  • Once you decide to hit the Product Hunt roads, talk it over with the guys who did that before and gained success.
  • Create a checklist (here’s ours) with all the things necessary to prepare, including deadlines, responsibles, and even comment watch. It’s because the comments can appear even at three in the morning on social networks, emails, website, and your company support chat.
  • Ask your employees to register and become contributors on Product Hunt so that their votes were better quality.
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  • Get your Quora and Reddit accounts. This way you’ll inform more users of your product launch. It’s better to start preparing some months beforehand so that you have more followers and good karma.
  • Make sure your personal and corporate accounts on social networks are ready. This is particularly important to the young companies so that users interested cound find more useful info on the product and not just a page where you’re sipping a pina colada on a beach.
  • Supply the visuals. Add up some gifs, videos, and screenshots of your product to your page (users will first see the video).
  • Prepare your site for the launch. Set up a special landing page to welcome hunters and to give them more details on your product. Add a banner to your main page, so that the existing users could also support you.
  • Warm up your audience. Don’t make the launch a surprise for your followers and partners. Tell them more about the product launch, the date, and the main features to present. Get in touch with the media, to test your product and to post a review of it on the launch day.
  • Create a promo code. It didn’t really work for us, as we got only four sales from it. Though it can work for you.
  • Get some help from different time zones. If you gradually comment and review at a different time, it will surely serve you well.
  • Track all the mentions of your products, to not miss anything out.
  • If you have an Intercom chat, use the native integration with Product Hunt.
  • Don’t stop after the first day and get into the Product Hunt Daily Digest. Five top products of the previous day usually get into it, and you can have your product even more advertised after the launch day. And one more pleasant bonus: being mentioned in The 1000 Club once you get over 1000 votes.

To sum it up, we spent about a month and a half to prepare for the product launch. This gave us over 700 votes on the website, over 100 mentions on social networks, media, and even 4 sales. Pretty good, considered that OWOX BI is a niche product for marketers and analysts. We definitely wanted to the number one product of the day, but number three was quite a nice result as well.

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PR-manager at OWOX BI

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