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How to track Facebook advertising campaigns in Google Analytics

Let’s imagine that you have a website connected to a Google Analytics (GA) account. You also have the best Facebook ad campaign in the world. It’s really the best, which means it’s not the cheapest.

People are clicking on your ads, visiting your website, and purchasing or leaving. But how can you get more information about their Facebook and website activities? A common way is to gather data on customer behavior in your Facebook and Google Analytics. Here are some reasons why you might asking yourself about analytics right now:

  • Facebook can only tell you what happened before an ad was clicked. And this data isn’t as reliable as it should be.
  • Google Analytics shows you what happens after an ad is clicked and tells you who’s visiting your website from social media.
  • Google Analytics shows all of your channels so you can analyze and compare them.

This is why Google Analytics is the most popular platform for tracking Facebook advertising campaigns. Later, we’ll tell you about a way to integrate these two systems in one digital analytics instrument.

Why should you track Facebook ads in Google Analytics?

  • Tracking Facebook ads in Google Analytics is a good idea if statistics from different sources aren’t aligned — for example, if you’ve found problematic data in Ads Manager and Google Analytics that doesn’t match whatsoever.

Discrepancies between data from Facebook and Google Analytics stems from different tracking approaches and some other technical factors. Smartly combining all analytical instruments we have is the only way to get data on what users do both before and after clicking on ads.

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  • Tracking Facebook advertising campaigns in Google Analytics is crucial for investigating total marketing expenses and calculating return on ad spend (ROAS). You might suppose that somehow you can improve your social media advertising but have no data to rely on in your estimates.
  • Tracking Facebook ad data in Google Analytics is a great idea if you’ve started your journey from SMM specialist to analyst and have decided to begin by analyzing Facebook data.

If you’re experienced, want full-stack analytics, and are ready for an out-of-the-box solution, try OWOX BI. There are no risks of manual integrations, OWOX BI just works and saves you a great amount of time.

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