Big Research On The State Of Digital Analytics: Simo Ahava interview

What difficulties do you see when it comes to implementing analytics and how would you assess the overall development of the market?

How can an analyst have a greater impact on marketing? How can they be useful for the marketing team?

What analytical challenges do you have right now?

Hard communication issues

Do you think miscommunication between analysts and marketing teams is common? If yes, do you have any recommendations on how to overcome it?

What knowledge are analysts and marketing specialists missing in order to make companies data-driven?

Future trends in marketing analytics

What do you think is the future of marketing analytics? What trends do you see coming and what’s in high demand?

What opportunities do you see on the market today?

Analysts’ skills and biggest mistakes

What hard skills are most important for analysts today? Does an analyst have to know SQL, Python, and R and build dashboards in the most common visualization tools, like Data Studio, Tableau, QlikView, etc?

What soft skills should a good analyst have?

What’s the biggest mistake an analyst can make? Can you share some of your analytical mistakes?



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