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Why single-channel attribution models are a road to nowhere and why even data-driven models are not enough for successful marketing.

With access to a massive amount of customer data, marketers can get a holistic picture of what’s happening. For example, marketers can find out exactly how customers interact with your brand, predict the probability that a user will buy something (and when), estimate what revenue customers will bring, and determine what channels are best for interacting with customers. But this is just one side of the coin. On the other side, advertising is becoming more expensive, and consumers’ attention is becoming more challenging to get.

The most technologically advanced marketers will win this race, and attribution plays a significant role…

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In the Facebook advertising profile and web analytics systems, you can analyze the basics of advertising performance. For small businesses with a small number of advertising channels, this is enough.

Facebook is the most popular social network globally, with more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. Not surprisingly, it has become a mandatory promotional channel for many businesses. More than 7 million advertisers promote their services on this platform. What’s more, Facebook owns the three other largest social media platforms: Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Another reason for the popularity of Facebook and Instagram among advertisers is the low price of reaching an audience and the ability to accurately target audiences.

What data Facebook collects

Facebook offers businesses and marketers tools for working with advertising campaigns: Facebook Ads Manager, Facebook Pixel, and Facebook Analytics.


Let’s look at the basic concepts and functions of marketing automation along with an example of marketing automation for marketing performance analysis.

Faster, better, more proficient! Each marketing campaign must generate revenue for you to stay at the top of the rapidly growing market! So what can you do to transform your business, accelerate routine digital work, and increase your marketers’ productivity?

Let’s look at the basic concepts and functions of marketing automation along with an example of marketing automation for marketing performance analysis.

What is marketing automation

Marketing automation is a way to minimize the time and effort spent on routine marketing processes using martech software. To illustrate how automation works, we can compare washing the dishes to collecting data.

When you cook infrequently and…

Most analytical tools focus on the needs of analysts and developers and prohibit the marketer from working directly with the data

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The Importance of Reporting for Business

The goal of each business is to make a profit. However, to understand how the company’s development goes and in what direction it’s worth moving on, companies need to track and monitor all organization areas. In other words, reporting is an essential tool for decision-makers.

Not to mention that in a state of the pandemic economy, when marketers are required to achieve more with fewer resources (fewer budgets and less time for implementation), it cannot be done without reporting.

Over the past year, companies have become confident that you can achieve success in various ways, both offline and online. There…


Let’s look at exactly what data-driven marketing is and how a data-driven marketing strategy can help your brand to achieve its business goals.

In 2021, when the whole world has been operating online for more than a year, it’s difficult to imagine marketing in the old way without using Big Data. Modern marketing experts are well aware of the importance and necessity of data-driven strategies. High demands, expectations, and, of course, instant results for customers require informed decisions and actions based on specific data.

It’s this approach that helps businesses succeed and reach the target audience. Let’s look at exactly what data-driven marketing is and how a data-driven marketing strategy can help your brand to achieve its business goals.

What is a data-driven marketing

As the name implies…


A selection of the best marketing reports for the e-commerce industry.

Each area of business has its own special reports that reflect its marketing realities. Below, we’ll look at the most common reports for e-commerce and retail.

Before you build reports, make sure you have two things:

  1. Quality data to analyze
  2. An attribution model that takes into account the peculiarities of your business

Overall report

An overall report allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your entire marketing department. Set up your report and monitor your department’s goals daily.

Why this report is important

Thanks to an overall report, you can quickly see your main indicators and adjust actions in the marketing channels based on their current…


Let’s try to discover what are the common problems in communication between analysts and marketing teams, and what is the expert’s opinion about these struggles.

Two households, both alike in dignity, in digital marketing do their strife. Analysts and marketers as the infamous Capulet and Montague houses have an ancient grudge going on. Marketers want to make data-based decisions, but for doing this, they need reports to be prepared as quickly as possible, better even yesterday. In contrast, analysts want to be completely confident in the data and hate the rush.

However, as we all know, clear communication and timely collaboration between the company’s departments are crucial to the continued success of your brand. The cost of poor communication can run into millions of dollars…


Make your data work for you — use all the collected data about your customers and get important insights from it, using the simple and easy way — the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports connector

If you are still working as Cinderella to collect data for reports at the end of each month, you are in urgent need of a kind fairy godmother! Use a magic wand from OWOX — an enchanting free add-on that transfers your data from Excel or Google Sheets into Google BigQuery and back in a couple of clicks.

In OWOX, we’ve developed an excellent way to automate data transfer, build complex and useful reports such as cohort analysis or ROPO, and focus on getting fresh ideas to grow your business. Thousands of users worldwide have already been using this approach…


With modern BI solutions, you don't need to use the Eye of Sauron to find business errors and risk areas. Start with an application of report templates in a popular service of data visualization from Google, Data Studio.

In a continuous war of data, each marketing specialist wants to construct the invincible fortress in Helm’s Deep (the system of dashboards) so that infinite hordes of orcs (megabytes of data) will be defeated and brought undoubted benefits to the business.

How to achieve coherence of the Rohirrim’s actions and use them for successful work (evaluation of efficiency and display of risk and growth zones)? It’s possible to use the help from the West — you can start with an application of report templates in a popular service of data visualization from Google, Data Studio.

Modern business data reporting

The online world doesn’t stand…


Looking for the best affordable alternative to Looker? We’ve prepared for you the comparison of Looker with its most popular alternatives to help you make the best choice.

To understand your marketing performance, you need to evaluate data from all your sources, which means gathering all your data in one place and merging it. Specialized tools can do you a big favor and help you easily analyze your marketing performance, but only if you make the right choice. In this post, we review Looker, consider its main features and nuances, and compare it to three popular alternatives: OWOX BI, Power BI, and Tableau.


What is Looker?

Looker is a business intelligence and analytics platform that allows you to collect and store data from different sources in an automatically…

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