Over the last few years, different marketing reporting services have come and gone as businesses alter their ways of working, their needs, and their resources. Some services are entirely a thing of the past, some are still popular (all hail Excel!), and some totally new machine learning tools have appeared.


With an accelerated transition to online marketing (thanks to the pandemic) and an increase in marketing budgets for digital promotion, marketers increasingly have to prove their value.

There’s a vast amount of marketing data from various sources that you can use to get many valuable insights. …


Over the past year, the pandemic has turned online shopping from an additional convenience to an urgent need. The sphere is rapidly developing, and with it, competition for buyers is growing. Among the main problems for e-commerce businesses today are:

  • Adapting to digital commerce
  • Customer retention
  • Higher traffic costs
  • Third-party…

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Businesses always face problems, and with so many unpredictable events in the past year and a half (hello, pandemic), brands have had to remain flexible and quickly adapt to challenges as they arise.

Let’s look at what marketing challenges businesses, regardless of their size, most often encounter.

Main marketing challenges businesses face

The pandemic has…

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Supporting all types of content and armed with advanced visual tricks, Instagram has become not just the world’s largest photo album with cats, selfies, and food. It’s also a great advertising platform that takes visual e-commerce search to the next level.

A huge number of companies reach out to their…

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With access to a massive amount of customer data, marketers can get a holistic picture of what’s happening. For example, marketers can find out exactly how customers interact with your brand, predict the probability that a user will buy something (and when), estimate what revenue customers will bring, and determine…

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Facebook is the most popular social network globally, with more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. Not surprisingly, it has become a mandatory promotional channel for many businesses. More than 7 million advertisers promote their services on this platform. …


Faster, better, more proficient! Each marketing campaign must generate revenue for you to stay at the top of the rapidly growing market! So what can you do to transform your business, accelerate routine digital work, and increase your marketers’ productivity?

Let’s look at the basic concepts and functions of marketing…

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The Importance of Reporting for Business

The goal of each business is to make a profit. However, to understand how the company’s development goes and in what direction it’s worth moving on, companies need to track and monitor all organization areas. In other words, reporting is an essential tool for decision-makers.

Not to mention that in…


In 2021, when the whole world has been operating online for more than a year, it’s difficult to imagine marketing in the old way without using Big Data. Modern marketing experts are well aware of the importance and necessity of data-driven strategies. …

Marie Sharapa

Head of Communication at OWOX BI

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