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How to transfer data from Google BigQuery to Google Sheets and from Google Sheets to Google BigQuery without CSV files and paid services?

If you are looking for a convenient way to transfer data from and to Google Sheets and Google BigQuery this article is for you. Learn how you can build any report or graph in Google tables based on data from GBQ with no need to upload CSV files or use third-party paid services.

What are Google Spreadsheets

It’s difficult to find a marketer who doesn’t work with Google Cloud platform products. And of course, all marketers use Google Spreadsheets to one degree or another. Free service, with many functions and built-in formulas is very convenient to work with. …

You can't perform true analytics without measurement tools. Check out this great list of formulas graded from simple to difficult for your professional evolution

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You’re lucky that you’ve found this article. We’ll go through a few interesting formulas that will help you know your marketing flow better. It’s hard to believe, but people may be terribly wrong when assessing their own everyday processes.

Let’s check out a few digital marketing metrics and think over them one month from now/today. Maybe you’ll reveal something important about your practices that you’ve never noticed before.

What’s the difference between metrics and KPIs?

The basic difference is that a metric is something you can count, such as actions or events, like pressing the leave a message button. …

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Read an interview with Amy Hebdon, the successful PPC specialist and co-founder of the Google Partner agency and consulting firm Paid Search Magic.

Amy Hebdon, co-founder of the Google Partner agency Paid Search Magic, is a top Google Ads Conversion Expert & Paid Search Coach with over 16 years of hands-on experience.

Her PPC marketing experience and insights make her a welcomed contributor to Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero, CXL, Unbounce.

Together with her husband James, she also co-hosts The Paid Search Magic Podcast and she is recognized as one of the Top 50 Most Influential PPC Experts by PPC Hero.

We were lucky to reach out to Amy and discuss the prospects for PPC specialists and their present problems.

Important skills and challenges

Why did you choose the PPC industry?

I started working on AdWords campaigns in 2004. I was at an agency doing web design and digital marketing, and PPC fell into my lap. …

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In this article, we talk about what Google Analytics 4 is, how it differs from Universal Analytics, what value it gives to businesses, and what problems you can solve with it.

About a year ago, the Google team presented App + Web functionality, which allows you to combine data from websites and mobile applications in one Google Analytics resource. Since then, Google has tested this new type of resource, made changes to it, finalized it, and brought it out of beta under a different name. Meet Google Analytics 4.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a new resource type in Google Analytics. It looks a little different than a Universal Analytics (UA) resource, and it’s easier and faster to configure. …

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Read on to learn how to use analytics not only for reporting but to avoid draining your budget.

To avoid regrets about your advertising and marketing expenses, you have to do three things: spend money on marketing, set up analytics, and constantly track your analytics. Read on to learn how to use analytics not only for reporting but to avoid draining your budget.

Signs that your marketing budget isn’t optimized

Your advertising campaigns are inefficient

Metrics that indicate efficiency will be different for each business sphere and even each separate campaign. But in general, an advertising campaign is inefficient if you spend more than you earn in the long run. Also, your campaigns are inefficient if your KPIs don’t show a tendency toward constant growth or don’t generate a certain quantity of leads that make your business profitable. …

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In this article, we look at the main functions of BigQuery and show their possibilities using specific examples. You’ll learn how to write basic queries and test them on demo data.

The more information a business accumulates, the more acute the question of where to store it. If you don’t have the ability or desire to maintain your own servers, Google BigQuery (GBQ) can help. BigQuery provides fast, cost-effective, and scalable storage for working with big data, and it allows you to write queries using SQL-like syntax as well as standard and user-defined functions.

What is SQL and what dialects does BigQuery support

Structured Query Language (SQL) allows you to retrieve data from, add data to, and modify data in large arrays. Google BigQuery supports two SQL dialects: Standard SQL and the outdated Legacy SQL.

Which dialect to choose depends on your preferences, but Google recommends using Standard SQL for these…

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Step-by-step instructions on how to set up advanced analytics with OWOX BI to get the most out of your data

In this article, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to set up advanced analytics with OWOX BI to get the most out of your data.

OWOX BI services help you:

  • Improve the quality and speed of testing marketing hypotheses
  • Increase the revenue and ROAS of your advertising campaigns and audiences
  • Improve the profitability of audience segments

Who we are and what we do

In 18 years of working with large e-commerce projects, we’ve seen how important data is and how companies can grow when they use it correctly. We created OWOX BI to help our customers find insights and grow 22% faster than the market average. …

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The best practices for marketers who want to make decisions based on data rather than guesswork.

Why you need marketing analytics

Marketing analytics measures and optimizes marketing efforts. It helps you assess the impact of marketing on your business as a whole. The principle is to combine marketing data with data from your CRM and ERP systems and consider the impact of all marketing efforts, both online and offline, on your business metrics.

The importance of marketing analytics is illustrated by recent research:

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It’s never too late to get an expert’s opinion, is it? We’ve selected for you a list of experts who are continually developing, participate in conferences, record podcasts, write articles, conduct webinars, and share useful insights on social networks.

Want to know what the best of the best think about the top PPC trends of 2020? Wondering what services and tools they use? Read the experts’ comments and put these tips into practice!

Top 40 PPC influencers to follow

  1. AJ Wilcox, Founder B2Linked. com — The LinkedIn Advertising Agency.
  2. Akvile DeFazio, President of AKvertise, Inc., a social media advertising agency.
  3. Andrea Cruz, Digital marketing manager at KoMarketing.
  4. Amy Bishop, Digital marketing consultant, columnist for Search Engine Land and frequent industry speaker including events such as SMX, HeroConf, Utah DMC, State of Search and more.
  5. Amy Hebdon, Founder of Paid Search Magic and a Google Ads Conversion…

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What do you know about your customers? What do they need now? Try cohort analysis to answer these and other important questions. It will be best for your business if you learn how to apply it as soon as possible to make your retention measures more data-driven.

You’ve achieved your first thousand customers. Congratulations! What do you know about them? What do they need now? Moreover, what will you offer them (and when) to tie them closely to your brand?

To answer these and other important questions, we suggest you try cohort analysis. It will be best for your business if you learn how to apply it as soon as possible to make your retention measures more data-driven.

In marketing, cohort analysis is a method of processing behavioral data on customers collected from a website, service, app, or game. This analysis creates segments of customers based on shared characteristics, actions, and experiences within a certain period. These segments, called cohorts, are ready-to-use audiences for both lead generation and making decisions to improve your funnel. Cohort analysis is also a great way to research your customer lifecycle and connect it with specific customer actions. …


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