5 easy steps to get free cost data import to Google Analytics

If you are tired of manual data collection, but you cannot maintain a development team or pay for using or Supermetrics tools — take a chance with OWOX BI!

Why you need cost data import to Google Analytics

You need information on all advertising campaigns in one place to adequately evaluate marketing effectiveness. Of course, you can rate campaigns individually in each advertising service, but in the end, you still need kind of a pivot table with all the data. Therefore, marketers prefer to use the familiar interface of Google Analytics.

However, there is no build-in automatic data import into Google Analytics from non-Google Ad services such as Instagram, Facebook Ads, Bing, LinkedIn Ads, and so on. You need to upload all your data.

We recommend using the OWOX BI connector to automatically collect and merge all ad data. The service is a free alternative to such tools as Supermetrics or and it’s free until the end of 2020.


Why you need cost data import to Google Analytics

The service helps you to avoid constant manual work on making marketing reports. Thanks to OWOX you can:

  1. Save the time of your team.
  2. Avoid mistakes due to human factors.
  3. Measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in the convenient Google Analytics interface.

Why you need OWOX

OWOX BI cost data import was designed at the request of marketers and analysts. It’s easy and quick to configure and provides quality data automatically. Focus on what’s really important, and leave the dull job to the OWOX BI service.

Unique advantages of OWOX BI

  1. Same cost data format. The headache of marketers and the most frequent mistake — different currencies in Google Analytics and advertising services. With OWOX, you can forget about this problem. The service not only converts the currency into a single format but also deducts VAT if necessary.
  2. Historical data. Download the last 2 months from the ad service and evaluate your past campaigns.
  3. Updates. Within 21 days, OWOX automatically updates the data if it has changed in the advertising service.
  4. Accuracy. OWOX BI processes dynamic parameters, checks existing UTM tags in your campaigns, and reports possible errors.
  5. Quality. OWOX BI Data Monitoring checks the quality and compliance of data from advertising services.

5 easy steps to import cost data from an advertising service with OWOX BI

Step 1. You start with the promo code activation and using your Google account to sign in and have access to the service.

Step 2. After signing in, you can choose the advertising service you want to import data from.

Step 3. After providing access to the advertising service and Google Analytics, select the data set, and set the settings. Don’t be afraid to provide access to your profiles, the OWOX BI service doesn’t make any changes to your data.

Step 4. After selecting the data set, choose the property and data set in Google Analytics. Remember that you need edit access to the GA property and, of course, a data set should be created in advance.

Step 5. Define the import start date, specify the VAT, and currency to complete the data import setup.

You have to press the New button and you are ready! Your data will appear in Google Analytics within 36 hours.

Where in Google Analytics can you see uploaded cost data?

You can see the imported data in the Acquisition — Campaigns — Cost Analysis report.

Short summary

As you can see, importing data from advertising services with OWOX BI is simple and easy! Five steps and automatic cost data import helps you to save your time.




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