2020 PPC trends and top resources from 7 PPC influencers

Top PPC trends for 2020

  • The automation of routine PPC tasks and the corresponding redistribution of work time
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming good advisers for marketers
  • The GDPR and other regulations continuing to harm the quality of tracking data, affecting targeting options
  • PPC strategies costing more after automating simple PPC tasks
  • TikTok and Snapchat being important in addition to Google and Facebook — PPC specialists are going where the audience is
  • A rise in the cost per click (CPC) for ads due to search engine results page (SERP) competition and search stagnation (This is why conversion rate optimization is a must.)
  • Technical PPC specialists rule (and everybody is trying to become more technical)
  • Audience-led marketing is a must (With better targeting and by making sure the right message gets to the right audience, your revenue will rise.)

How to be a better PPC marketer

  • Dive deep into your product and the pain points it relieves (Read more about this in our interview with Pauline Jakober.)
  • Be adaptable and willing to learn
  • Focus on the three elephants of modern marketing: creativity, math, and business basics (Read more about this in our interview with Brad Geddes.)
  • Hone your communication and presentation skills to demonstrate the value of your work
  • Have a positive mindset, “never enough” approach, and a willingness to fail and make mistakes

The thorniest problems to overcome in 2020

Top KPIs to track

  • Revenue, general sales, growth margin
  • MQL and SQL (marketing and sales qualified leads)
  • Closed leads
  • Cost per closed lead
  • Audience size
  • Clicks
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Conversion value
  • Total profitability of an account
  • Return on ad spending (ROAS)

The best PPC resources in 2020 as suggested by top specialists

PPC blogs

PPC conferences

Non-trivial PPC tools

Unique opinions of specialists on what we should expect in 2020

Brad Geddes on 2020 trends

  • More PPC B2B targeting
  • More audiences, even with new privacy laws
  • Match types aren’t done changing
  • Microsoft will continue to innovate
  • The help wanted signs will keep going up

Matthew Soakell on burnout and how to deal with it in 2020



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